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Farmers Markets

Nothing give me more satisfaction than hitting the shops, on cold, wet and windy days I love shopping in comfort under the glass ceiling of shopping malls where I can easily go from sop to shop without worrying about the elements getting to me and take advantage of the convenience of a large supermarket to refill the pantry and fridge. On the other hand, when the sun is shinning and the sky is blue for miles, the last thing I want to do is be under fluorescent lightbulbs and climate controlled air of a supermarket or mall. It is times like these that I love heading out to a farmer market to get the weeks food shop in as well as indulge in my passion of browsing.

There are over 700 regular farmers markets that take place in Britain each week and they can be an invaluable space of fresh local produce as wells a grand day out for the whole family. Many markets offer live music, kids activities and cooking demos in addition to the actual stalls.

A huge selling point of getting produce from farmers markets is that there is often a much larger variety of produce available. Take the humble potato for example, in supermarkets you are maybe going to find 3-5 varieties, but at the farmers market there might be upwards of 15! On our last farmers market outing we came across purple Peruvian potatoes that made for the most exciting looking mashed potatoes our kids have ever seen, seriously the hubby was sure it was play doh!

Heading to the farmers market towards he end of the day can be a great way to get good deals on produce as most farmers are happy to give you a good discount on whatever you are looking at so they don’t need to take it back with them. If you find yourself returning to the same producer week as her week you may want to ask if they offer a CSA scheme (community supported agriculture) where you pay a set price for a box or bag of fresh produce that is in season.

If your pantry is already well stocked visiting the farmers market for a spot of lunch will give you no end of options. Many larger markets no offer hot food to go with either from stalls that cook up their wares or from dedicated food trucks and stalls that are catering to the hungry market crowd. Challenger yourself to try something new and unusual the next time you go, i’m sure you will not be disappointed!

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